Amazing Building Collection

I came across an article on MSN that caught my eye, it featured 11 of the worlds most amazing buildings. Here are the 11 buildings! Which one is your favourite? Mine is the "Dancing House" Enjoy!

(Above) The Hearst Tower in New York City, designed by British architect Norman Foster and opened in 2006
(Above) Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay in Singapore, opened in 2002, houses a concert hall and a theater beneath its distinctive spiked shells.
(Above) The Melbourne Recital Center and Theater Companycomplex opened earlier this year and is helping to revitalize Melbourne’s gritty Southbank neighborhood.
(Above) The Seattle Central Library, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and opened in 2004, is a beacon for bookworms in a city said to be one of the most literate in the U.S.
(Above) Another Gehry design is the Ray & Maria Stata Center, opened in 2004 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston
(Above) The Chicago Spire, another Calatrava-designed structure, is under construction in the Windy City but has not yet been completed. The rendering above shows what it will look like if the remaining financing can be secured.
(Above) The City of the Arts and the Sciences complex in Valencia, Spain, houses a science museum, theaters, performance halls, an aquarium and more.
(Above) Nicknamed the Gherkin for its unique round, tapered shape, the office tower at 30 St Mary Axe in London’s financial district opened in 2004
(Above) Known for designing grand venues from Spain to California, renowned Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry transformed a neo-Renaissance house in Prague to a structure known as the "Dancing House" upon its completion in 1996.
(Above) New York City’s New Museum of Contemporary Art, opened in 2007 and named one of the seven architectural wonders by Conde Nast Traveler the following year, rises out of the gritty Bowery neighborhood in lower Manhattan like a layered wedding cake.
(Above) The Oslo Opera House in Norway, opened in 2008, appears to emerge out of the neighboring Oslofjord like an iceberg.