Michael Vick's Mansion Goes Up For Auction

For sale: the remains of an American success story gone horribly wrong.
This was Michael Vick's abode, a stucco-and-gated-community testament to his amazing rise from the rough streets of Virginia to NFL superstar.  But Vick's spectacular career was sacked by a dogfighting scandal.  While he sits behind bars, serving out the remainder of a nearly two-year sentence, his three-storied former house - now eerily quiet - is about to go on the auction block.  The proceeds from Tuesday's sale, which requires a minimum bid of $3.2 million, will help pay down the quarterback's gargantuan debts.  That's the cold, hard business of bankruptcy.  But before the title to the eight bedroom, 11 bath, 4 car mansion passes off to a new owner, it's worth taking one last look at a most tangible monument left by this former star.

Grand Entrance
Formal Living Room
Chef's Kitchen
Exterior - Where's the pool?
Media Room
2 Story Library/Office
Master Bath
Second Living Room
Living Room
Backyard Views

Family Room